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Party Crashers

Party Crashers 1 Instead of a large Murder Mystery Production, invite one of our "Party Crashers" to add interest, humor and perhaps a crime or two at your next party.

We suggest not to stage a murder, but a have something stolen or a jewel heist. There is a scream, the host or hostess calls the police. One of our actors shows up in a real police uniform to start investigating the crowd. No one is to know that is it a game. until later. This will make your party unforgettable!

We can write a custom show around your party or event, and cast some of our dinner theater actors to attend your event as "guests" but no one is to know they are actors.

Fill us in with enough information about the guests and the hosts. Our actors will know everything about everyone. but your guests will not know anything about our group, or who they are or why such strange people got on your guests list.

Unless otherwise requested, our actors come dressed in attire that will allow them to fit into the rest of the crowd at your party.

Our "Party Crashers" can be seated at the tables with your guests for dinner at your dinner party. If it is a cocktail party.. they will mingle with the guests until a crime happens.

Once the crime happens, a Police Office is called to the scene and our actors start pointing the fingers at your poor unsuspecting guests..

Most of our actors can sing and dance and will be happy to also entertainer your guests. We can provide the band, DJ services and or sound system for an additional fee. If you have a piano, we have the actress that can play and crash your party for the night.

Other Ideas

Have one of our actors show up looking for her father, or a pregnant woman looking for one of your guests for child support. make sure he has a wife with him.

Or there is the FBI looking for Mr. ______ who has been listed in a undercover sting operation and was followed to this location.

Members from the Board of Heath come looking for one of your guests who was listed in a STD fan out.

The IRS is at the door..looking for one of your guests for non payment of taxes..

Party Crashers 2
Party Crashers 3