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Magic Bus Band

What is a Magic Bus Show?

Whether you grew up in the 60’s or wish you did, whether you just love the 60’s music or you are the owner of a venue looking for a distinctive, exciting show, a Magic Bus Show will be one of the most memorable events you will experience.

For a venue it offers more than just another rock band setting up and playing good rock and roll, it allows for the entire venue and evening to be trip back to the 60’s; A very special night, unique from all of the other nights at the other venues. The end result is an event that no one will forget and everyone will want to experience again.

A Magic Bus Show is a total trip back to the Woodstock era. The music is 60’s, the Magic Bus attire is 60’s, along with the entire wait staff all dressed in the 60’s apparel. It is a time to let yourself go, to let yourself travel back to the mid 60’s. Magic Bus sets the atmosphere with the music that rocked on your car radio till the speakers almost blew, as you and your friends experienced your first taste of freedom.

A Magic Bus Show allows everyone to have some fun, whether you decide to dress up in clothing and accessories that are now part history or to dance, laugh and witness for yourself the magic of a Magic Bus Show. Headbands, peace signs, ponchos, beads, tie-dye t-shirts, things with fringe, old faded denim, bell bottom pants, flowers painted on faces; see it all!

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