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Holiday Events

From Santa To Our Singing Superstars... we've got the star
to make your night twinkle, and your guests Merry.

Holiday Events

It is almost 2010 and our cast will take you back in time and back to 1948 through song, traditions of the season through the eyes of Mary, George, Violet, Mr. Potter, and Clarence from the movie “It’s a Wonderful life”.

Story - It is Christmas up in heaven and the cast of “It’s a Wonderful life” is reminiscing about Christmas past. Narrated by George from Heaven (A Jimmy Stewart voice impressionist) Jimmy & WonderfulLife_bwsm.jpgClarence discuss how Christmas traditions have changed throughout the years… but the spirit remains the same… until they check in on George’s family.  … Zuzu is in trouble, she has lost her sprit!

Our show starts out in 1948 
Scene One - Shown on a big Screen is  the last scene of the movie, ”It’s a Wonderful Life”  ZuZu is playing Hark the Herald Angels Sing… then we end with  “Auld Lang Signe”
  • Clarence has just gotten his wings
  • George is considered the richest man in town.
  • Potter is arrested for stealing the money from Uncle Billy
  • ZuZu “Look Daddy… Teacher says every time a bell rings… an Angel gets his wings”….